Error: 550 550 No Such User Here

Scenario: You have configured google apps for your domain and while sending mails to your domain email address from other account mails are bouncing back with that error. If you are using cloudflare to manage your DNS settings then also this issue can occur

Troubleshooting Steps and Solution:

1. Most possible cause of error is incorrect or missing DNS records, to fix them, do following,

a) Run dnsvalidation, it will list down your DNS settings to identify issues at first hand including google apps configuration issues,

b) Update MX records, use below links for same,



Other Link:

c) Update SPF

Google link:

Forum link:


2. Other thing which can be done to ensure your emails are not identified as spam or junk emails is to authenticate mails by enabling DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) protocol, read more at


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