Bad appraisals, like bad hair days, happen to the best of us. Quitting is not a solution. Rather, take a good look at your performance and concentrate on the course ahead.

  • Look Within: The first step in dealing with a bad appraisal is to keep an honest mindset and introspect about your performance. “First ask yourself the question: ‘What is wrong with me?’. Once you attack that, other things usually fall into place,” says Dabur India HR head A Sudhakar.


  • Talk to the Boss: Speak to the boss about the performance review. “There is a good chance your boss may not have remembered critical activities and initiatives you have undertaken,” says Meenakshi Roy, senior vice president, human resource, Reliance Broadcast Network.


  • Take it in your Stride: There is a good chance that your boss’ critical evaluation is spot on. “Try never to take these critiques personally and quit. That may be your biggest mistake. Consider consulting another senior colleague or a mentor,” says Roy.


  • Plan Ahead: “Be actively involved in setting your targets for the year ahead based on your strengths,” says S Roy, a midlevel manager in an IT firm . Also, periodically review your performance with your boss. That way, there will be fewer unpleasant surprises.


  • Move on Gracefully: At times, reasons not connected with your performance affect the appraisal you deserve. “You can bring up the issue with your bosses. But if nothing comes of it, it’s time to move on,” says Sudhakar. But don’t make an ugly exit. “You never know when it can come back to haunt you,” he adds.