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On a fine evening, Chuck and Teddy were seated on a small rock beside a tree and gazing at the sunset. Teddy had that look of a man who has accomplished a lot in his life, Chuck cannot help but notice this.
Chuck blurts out his curiosity and asks : ‘ Hey boss, You have everything in ur life in such a short time…How did u do it ?’
Teddy, in a seemingly superior mode, relaxes a bit. And says nonchalantly : ‘its very simple, Chuck…very simple’
Teddy, turned back towards the sunset and began thinking how exactly did it all began…….

Few years ago,

Tarun Dasgupta was one among the scores of job hunters, who used to roam from company to company for a decent job. Right from childhood, he never won a race, never came first in any competion, never showed any enthusiasm towards excelling in any games or hobbies. His favorite pastime was to sleep. In accordance with this nature, he never really showed that spark to get a job. Hence, he still remained as a job hunter, while all his friends turned into employees.

One of his friends, Raghu, who joined a new job few months back meets Tarun. They chat for sometime in a nearby coffee shop.

Raghu: ’My boss…he is so pestering and finicky about everything’
Tarun:’Why ? what happened ?’
Raghu: ‘ He keeps asking me status, every 15 mins…I mean its so pissing off…how can a status change in 15 mins ?’
Tarun asks innocently:’What is Status ? why are you worried about it ?’
Raghu, not knowing how to explain, showed him practically. He kept calling the waiter and started asking about their order, every 2 mins. ‘See this is called as asking Status ‘
In spite of heavy rush in the coffee shop, the waiter was so pissed off that he delivered their order first.
Tarun was astonished. Status is indeed a very powerful word !

Next few days, Tarun started to implement this new power. He kept repeatedly asking his mom about status of poori and halwa. His mom thought that her son is so hungry that she gave him in a short time. Tarun was delighted. He went to a barber shop. He was last in the queue , however, as he was driving away all the other customers by asking status, the barber cut his hair first. Tarun was again delighted.

Tarun, got himself into a good job by repeatedly asking status of his offer with the HR. The poor HR might have either thought that the guy was badly in need or might have felt that he values his time so much. Whatever be the reason, Tarun has lost his job-hunter status finally.

Luckily for Tarun, he got a software job and a boss who doesn’t have much interest in life. In his first day of job, Tarun did a remarkable thing that made his foothold strong and his life in software, long. Every 15 mins, he entered boss’ cabin and began asking status of his allocation. Higher management observed him to be very proactive !

Even though, Tarun did not have any knowledge of software development or anything close to that, it is nothing short of a miracle that he was able to cruise through all these in a very comfortable way. Whenever, someone asks him to code something, he used to give it to all his brainy friends in the guise of ‘coding puzzle for the day’ and kept asking them the status. Someone or other would have sent the solution and that made his work easy.

Tarun began climbing the corporate ladder much faster than all his friends who joined 2 or 3 yrs earlier than him. In no time, he began managing the managers as well as the team. All he needed now is to keep asking them status !! If the team member gets pissed off and loses the temper, brand him or her as bad behaviour and report to higher ups. Many a times, his team in order to avoid being pestered every now and then about status., used to work really hard and complete it before time. Management again observed him to be very proactive and excellent !

As days turned into years, Tarun’s passion for status kept on increasing. He was noticed asking status of his marriage to the pandit, during his marriage. He was also noticed asking status of his kid’s delivery to his wife. He was noticed asking the status of pissing to his pet dog. He was seen asking status to non-living things as well.

One day at a café, a song was played:
‘Pappu can’t dance saala…’ Somehow, for Tarun, it appeared to be ‘Pappu cant code saala…’ He took it as a personal insult. He got very angry. In that rage, he rushed towards the music system, tapped on the music system and said very coolly: ’Pappu cant code, but he can ask status !’

In this mad obsession of asking for status, Tarun happened to visit client place, abroad. His visit was fruitful as client was happy with the work of Tarun’s team and Tarun’s unique abilities. On the road, he kept asking the taxi driver about the status. The driver was so pissed off that he complained it in the nearby police station. In the police station, he kept pestering everyone about the status. In his short stay, he was noticed by everyone in some way or the other. For the sake of convenience, he began calling himself – Teddy. The clients loved this new ‘easy’ name.

Teddy returns back to India. He orders for paav bhaaji at a restaurant. Its been more than 15 mins, still no sight of it. He barges into the kitchen area, places a stool beside the cook who is still cutting some vegetables. He keeps asking him status every now and then. His attention got diverted towards the knife which was cutting very slow. He asks the status to the knife by getting closer to it. Accidentally, the cook chops off a piece of his nose with that knife ! In very similar incidents, he got his ears cut at the barber shop in an effort to ask status to the scissors, got a fractured leg while trying to ask status to the kick-rod of the bike and finally got himself electrocuted while asking for the status to the fuse wire. Teddy was now looking very different !

Teddy’s kids hide themselves as soon as he comes home, for the fear of being bullied about status of homework. His wife, closes all the doors and windows of kitchen while cooking for the fear of his status about the food. His mother, hides herself inside the pooja room and doesn’t dare to come out of it for the fear of being asked about her status of journey to heaven. Teddy’s kids’ school teachers never dare to write anything like ‘get your parent’s signature’ on the progress card for the fear of being asked the status of the syllabus….

The sun had almost going below the horizon, Teddy somehow felt very content on having done so much in his life. He wanted to help his good friend Chuck to gain such an exponential fame.
Teddy: ‘ Hey Chuck, don’t lose heart…You can also be accomplished like me…Its very simple’
Chuck: ‘Boss, but how ?’
Teddy shows a small plant: ‘Ask the status of when it will become a mango tree ?’
Chuck startled: ‘What ????’
Teddy smiles authoritatively: ‘Yes, its that simple…keep asking status’
Chuck, obeying his boss, asks the plant : ‘What is the status ?’… the plant flutters in disgust

In the meantime, there was a loud whistle. It was the call from the warden for all the patients to return back to their room as the day ends at the Nehru Mental Hospital.

Teddy and Chuck rise to their feet. Their hands and legs are chained. They begin to walk back to their hospital.
Teddy asks Chuck in his usual nonchalant, yet superior way : “Say Chuck, which would be worse ? Asking for status or being told status even before asked ?’