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Friends, colleagues and bosses to-be – all meet on the Internet. What kind of a self-portrait are you painting out there?

Sharing your thoughts and experiences with your friends on social networking¬†sites has become a customary way of communication. But not all the personal two-pence you put out on the webscape is safe with employers now keeping an eye on your online antics. In an age where blogs, micro-blogs and social networking sites are blurring the line between private and professional lives, you could do well to wise up and work on your manners to ‘block’ yourself from risking your job.


1.Like your own posts on facebook

The first and the foremost thing that irritates me in fb is that I see too many people liking their own statuses!Its more or less like laughing at your own jokes while the group around you watches you serenely!Stop liking your own statuses and pics and thereby stop making fun of yourselves.

2.Give unlimited gyan

Spare us from your unsolicited unending array of philosophical gyan!Stop trying to be a Robin Sharma or an Ayn Rand. I know you havent made them.Remember, you have stumbled on it while you are pointlessly surfing the internet and we all know you dont own that quotation.

Last month one of my friends was quoting Swami Vivekananda daily on fb.When I met him after some days, I asked him Buddy, who is Swami Vivekandanda and why do you quote his philosophy so often?What do you know about him?He answered, He is the hermit, who gives nice speeches.I copy his quotes because everybody does!
Next time you quote George Bernard Shah or upload a pic wearing that che guevera tee shirt, better be prepared.Im gonna ask you about their life history!