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Mmmm… Coffee, the aroma, the flavor! It makes our mornings so much better!But is our daily cup of coffee doing more harm than good? There is a lot of research concerning both the negative and the positive effects of coffee drinking.  (more…)




Piles or Haemorrhoids (बवासीर) – name of pain and uneasiness. If you have this disease then this article might be useful for you

as well, I have gone through several forums, information and found few useful tips which can reduce symptoms of this disease, I have segregated tips in three types, i.e. easy to do remedies, time consuming remedies, Miscellaneous remedies


Friends, please take appropriate precautions. Read the symptoms given below. Act immediately if you find any of these, as this virus can be cured if detected early.

Symptoms of Swine Flu

As swine flu spreads fast throughout the country, it is important to know the symptoms of the disease so you can recognize it in yourself and others at an early stage.
Usually symptoms of swine flu have generally proved mild. However a small number of patients may develop more serious illness.Many of these people have other underlying health conditions, such as heart or lung disease, that put them at increased risk.Typical symptoms are:

· A sudden fever – 100 degrees F or above
· A sudden cough