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Piles or Haemorrhoids (बवासीर) – name of pain and uneasiness. If you have this disease then this article might be useful for you

as well, I have gone through several forums, information and found few useful tips which can reduce symptoms of this disease, I have segregated tips in three types, i.e. easy to do remedies, time consuming remedies, Miscellaneous remedies



Bad appraisals, like bad hair days, happen to the best of us. Quitting is not a solution. Rather, take a good look at your performance and concentrate on the course ahead.

  • Look Within: The first step in dealing with a bad appraisal is to keep an honest mindset and introspect about your performance. “First ask yourself the question: ‘What is wrong with me?’. Once you attack that, other things usually fall into place,” says Dabur India HR head A Sudhakar.