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Here you can read some very good articles of your choice listed under different categories.

Categories and their features:

1. Health: In this section you will find some selected articles on your health – like diseases and there cures, on eating habits etc etc.

2. Inspirational: This is the most etiquette section of this blog – you can read some truly inspiring write-ups collected from various sources and it’s my commitment that you will get delighted and inspired too.

3. Learnings: In this section you will find collection of some fine write-ups which puts light over some learning’s on human values embedded with some aspiring stories and thoughts.

4. Love & Affection: This is another etiquette section as here you will read write-ups on True Love; either it is Mother’s love or your soul mate’s love – you’ll find true rational form of love in the write-ups presented here.

5. Quotes & Statements: Now this section have some punch, as here you will find some famous quotes, some humorous statements for various occasions including some truly inspirational Quotes too.

6. Tips: This section is special – you can read some valuable write-ups which you may find useful (it can be related to anything but only in general).

7. Touching Heart: This section you will gonna love it!!! Here you can read some Heart Touching stories which in 1 way or another touch your inner deep. Must go through this section if you fall in category of sentimental persons 🙂

Some of posts you can find in Uncategorized category.

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Number of write-ups also listed there for each category. Even you can find me online (see right downside you will find ‘talk to me’ section, in that select your nick name and chat with me if I’m available – you need not to sign in).

I here by also declare that I collected the data on this blog from other blogs, websites and through mails intruding my inbox 🙂

If you like:

Please leave your comments and suggestions as it may provide me to improve better.

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Nitin Garg 🙂

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22 Responses to “ Visitors! ”

  1. Pranay says:

    u have changed quite a lot from the guy in JSS to the dude in infy..

    gr8 work dude….

    keep life rocking…


  2. anubha agarwal says:

    hey sir,
    looking good here…u have actually turned from a geek to being a cool dude..good improvement.!! didn’t recognise u for an instant…way to go sir!!

  3. Niranjan says:

    Hey, a new dimension inbrand “Nitin”…but I seriously feel for a tech enthussiast like you this has a come a bit late.
    Seems to be a good read…hope you add RSS feeds soon.
    Must admit though……….a gr8 effort.

  4. Shantanu says:

    Great job Nitin.
    Keep going.!!!!!!!!

  5. Titan says:

    Now this is called Transformation..pehchan mein nahin aa rahe ho!! great to see u in this avtar(waise aapne apni daant dikhane ki aadat bhi sudhar li hai..kudos for that).A great effort :). Guess it will be nice if visitors can have privileges to post their comments/articles so that it would be a more interactive and informative forum.Keep going!!

  6. Sabiha says:

    Good u see u r so innovative after slogging so much in IMS….Keep it up!!

  7. Jyotsna says:

    a simply Fantabulous work……….which reflects NITIN GARG in a new avatar!!!!

  8. Lalit Jadhav says:

    Hi Nitin…
    Great going man…
    Not just innovative but very cool too…
    Keep rocking man…

  9. Amit says:

    Well Nitin,
    No doubt that’s a gr8 job but do you get time for ur real job out of it?? If yes then hats off to you to for getting this much time from ur busy schedule……

  10. Saagar says:

    gr8 work MAN ….

    …Keep Rocking …n keep taking good snaps in our TREKS. ……


  11. neha says:

    hey nitin,
    gr8 work…tech me 2…

  12. dhruv says:

    hi sir.
    coming to pune in a short time span. wipro people sending me there.

  13. Shobhit says:

    Hey Guys…

    I think you all new nitin from either INFOSYS or JSS noida.

    But I am the guy can reveal all the things abt this funny and some time non-understanble guy.

    I knew him since childhood… And yes he has changed a lot. I mean its dificult to imagin old nitin now.
    Old nitin was just very shy to Girls and there many more things, that i think not to be disclosed here.

    N e ways buddy good work.. Keep it up

  14. Chirag says:

    Hey Nitin, 🙂
    U simply rock..!!
    Its ur good nature that comes out in such a beautiful blog so well maintained and cared with.

    Marvellous work!!

  15. vaishali says:

    nice blog keep it up

  16. maggie says:

    I found your blog by chance. Lots of great posting. I admire your work. Keep it up, will check your updates regularly.

  17. Me and my son enjoyed reading your blog post. Keep up the good work.

  18. I simply wished to appreciate you once more for this thoughts provided by you. Until today i found a lot of posts on this subject. Still looking for other input.

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