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Setting up Always ON Availability Group in Multi Subnet Cluster – Recommendations

While planning to configure always on availability group for first time on a multi subnet cluster found following use articles, it provides clear picture in terms of design and architecture, our requirement was to build SQL 2012 cluster on DC1 along with a reporting standalone SQL instance in same DC1, along with it, we want to have DR solution in DC2 where two standalone SQL instances are present on their respective server, to achieve this […]


Fix: SSMS 2012 opening Debug window when pressing F5

During my evaluation of SQL Server 2014, I happened to face a problem, when I hit the F5 key in the Object Explorer, the SSMS was starting the Debug action instead of Refresh.Usually most of them will be happy for F5=Refresh and F5=Query Execution. Here is the procedure to Re-assign F5 key to refresh action in SQL Server Management Studio. Open Management Studio Go to Tools >> Options Expand Environment >> Keyboard >> Keyboard In […]


SQL Server End to End Encryption – Always Encrypt, SSL

As we know the solution for SQL Server Data at rest encryption is TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) but what if application need End to End data encryption for PII fields, the solution is Always Encrypt columns in SQL 2016 Ent. Ed., from support DBA perspective it’s more of setting it up and supporting it but major liability lies with application developer, they need to validate and implement solution in first place; certainly there are few […]


Transaction log file full because of log_reuse_wait_desc=replication, CDC, goldengate

Came across weird situation where received alert for SQL Server transaction log file full and found log_reuse_wait_desc=replication from sys.databases   Now before mentioning troubleshooting step, setup of the database is question is little bit complex because Database is part of SQL Server replication where database publisher is at vendor side and we don’t have access to publisher DB 🙁 Oracle Golden Gate replication is configured from this database to Oracle DB Database in question is […]


Microsoft Announced updates to the SQL Server Incremental Servicing Model (ISM)

A good news for those who manage SQL releases, now CU updates are backed by Microsoft and one should not wait for SP releases, CU should be applied as early as possible,   Updates to Cumulative Update Messaging and Guidance: Over the years, as we released CUs (Cumulative Updates), you have become familiar with a certain type of deterrent messaging around those updates. Examples like the below messages often lead DBA’s to plan […]


SQL Server to Oracle Linked server error 7303: ORA-12504 listener was not given the service_name in connect_data

While configuring Linked server to oracle database from SQL server, faced following error,   Error: “ORA-12504: TNS: listener was not given the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA” (Microsoft SQL Server Error: 7303)     I did following validation checks to ensure things are in place: Tnsnames.ora – validated that SID is present in tnsnames.ora file which is generally located in C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\network\admin\ folder Validate syntax of connection string, it should be in below format, ORA123 = (DESCRIPTION = […]


SQL Server TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) alternatives

TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is an inbuilt encryption feature of SQL Server Enterprise Edition introduced by Microsoft from SQL server 2008 onwards, this comes in handy when someone has to secure the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from prying eyes, as it is Enterprise Edition feature only hence comes with a premium price. So while I got a request to analyze implementation of it on more than 200+ SQL standard edition then first thing which has […]


SQL Server Configuration Manager – Cannot connect to WMI provider – Invalid class [0x80041010]

Error Screenshot:       Resolution: Open command prompt and execute below command,   mofcomp.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Shared\sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof”   Note: to cross verify, ensure that sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof exists as above said location, if you are using SQL 2012 or later, go to appropriate shared folder on C: and update the command and execute   This will show results like below,     Now, SQL Server configuration manager should open fine without any issues.   […]


Tools for Analyzing SQL Server trace files

After validating multiple options to analyze SQL server trace files, I found below tools which can help achieve required results, hope it helps someone looking for quick list. There may be multiple other tools available, below are few tested ones from my list.   For basic analysis – Microsoft In-built tool: SQL Server profiler Usage: Login to any server with SQL Server installed, open SSMS and go to Tools > select “SQL Server Profiler” > […]


SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services – Configuration Issues and Fixes

While dealing with a SQL Server 2005 Reporting configuration, faced multiple issues, below is list of issues and applied fixes along with some useful link to redirect in case freshly setting up SSRS.   Main issue which arises is Authentication, SSRS 2005 authentication is handled via IIS manager, and there are multiple options available for e.g. Integrated Windows authentication, Basic authentication, Anonymous Authentication. Based on security requirement one of these can be setup, easiest one […]


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