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All about SQL Server Trace flags – Links

  While doing search for SQL Server 2005 trace flags found few good links which greatly describe the info in detail, please use as per your requirement, most of them may be applicable to higher version of SQL Server as well.   Flags can be set for Session or Global (some are startup) levels though for later some can only be switched at startup using –T (you are suggested to avoid –t which turns on […]


SSRS 2008R2 Error: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms

While trying to open Report Manager URL via IE received HTTP STATUS CODE 500 error   In order to troubleshoot further, reporting log files are analyzed present in MSSRS root folder   Log file folder: <driver>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\LogFiles\   Error logged: Error resolution: As per link, this error is because FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard 140-1) Compliance was enabled and in order to meet certain standards this is required for audits. One option […]


SQL Server CXPACKET waittype and MAXDOP settings – Tips

  Recently while troubleshooting performance issue on a server, found that the CXPACKET waittype is high,   WaitType Wait_S Percentage AvgWait_S AvgRes_S AvgSig_S CXPACKET 1402132.06 56.82 0.0067 0.0063 0.0004   CXPACKET waits in the server are not an immediate sign of problem; they may indicate another problem, associated with one of the other high value wait types in the instance for e.g. Queries are executing with parallelism   Now when dealing with CXPACKET waittype do […]


Generate SQL Server Database Diagrams – tools tips

Came across a requirement where I need to generate database component chart and their relationships, though database diagram tool is available but it has some risks associated, hence just in order to generate component chart, third party tools are also available and can server purpose, below is just collection of such tools and related links for use of needy ones,     Using inbuilt Database Diagram Tool: Just right Click on Database Diagrams and create […]


Database Backup Compression using SQL Server 2008 R2

Database backup compression is a feature provided by Microsoft which reduces the native backup size by up to 66% depending upon the type of data stored in a database and similar other factors. By default backup compression is disabled as it has some limitations which needs to be looked as per environment setup and if suites one’s need then it can be enabled as default or a parameter can be added to backup script to […]


How to restore SQL database on network share (UNC path) – SQL Server 2005

As it is known fact that by default SQL Server 2008 and below does not support database files on network shared path \\<sharepath>\<databaseFileName>.<mdf /ldf>, this is done because of certain performance and stability factor (read more about this in links present in reference section of this article). But in case if there is requirement to do a temporary restore on a network share then the below tip will come handy.   Note: SQL Server 2008R2 […]


Info – SQL Server Proxy accounts and job agent execution contexts

SQL Server proxies are used in cases where impersonation is required in complex and secured environments and more control is required while executing packages, jobs, PowerShell commands etc. below links and details are collected to give more info on this topic, it requires a good amount of reading and may take up to 2-3 hours to understand it completely, so be patient if you land on this page and go through all links and articles […]


Cannot connect to named instances of Analysis Services after fresh installation or rename of server

Many a times when a new SQL Server 2008 R2 analysis services instance is installed or a server is renamed then following error is received while trying to connect to named instance of analysis service,     ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:A connection cannot be made to redirector. Ensure that ‘SQL Browser’ service is running. (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient)——————————No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it ::1:2383 (System)   This is mostly because of browser service account […]


MAP toolkit v6.5 task generator failure error: Document Generator: An exception occurred – Unable to determine the identity of domain

In one of my environment MAP toolkit v6.5 is configured, when I ran discovery for SQL server, it resulted in around 1000+ SQL servers, now while generating SQL Server discovery proposal report task generator started failing and following error was found logged in file Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.UI.Console.log located in %Program Files%\Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit\bin\log\,     Note: We are not able to upgrade to latest MAP version (v8.0 at the time of writing this post) because […]


Overhead of using Policy-Based Management on SQL Server

I Policy-Based Management is a very useful feature of SQL Server 2008 and later, if you like to audit certain parameters or enforce certain restriction on particular SQL Server/s, but first this to notice is will there be any overhead on current performance of SQL Server or not, basically the answer depends upon the way you are going to use it,   Q. What is the overhead of Policy-Based Management on my SQL Server? A. […]


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