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Outlook360: Lost emails older than 6 months after moving between folders

Faced unique issue when updating my outlook desktop client (Outlook 2013) linked to outlook360 account, issue and fix is as below,   Issue: I created a new temp folder in my inbox and moved all my items including the items older than 6 months from inbox to temp, after 1 day again move them back to inbox, the number of emails remained same. I had to move again for some work but when I moved […]


Save time by using Outlook 2010 Email Templates

We have some regular activities for which standard emails needs to be sent on regular basis, in order to reduce time in drafting email, there is built-in facility in Outlook to create and use email templates, so we can define the fixed text once and reuse it at regular intervals, below are the guidelines I found for learning this technique, please go through these links to understand how it works and can be utilized,   […]


Working in Excel with IP Range – Tip

  While working in excel for IP addresses, got a task to generate new IP address based on an existing one in order to configure a device, after doing some Googling find few articles on this topic, there are two good approaches to it,   1. Using excel formula like REPLACE, MIN, LEN, MID, CONCATENATE, calculate new IP range, for e.g. Suppose your IP address is and you like to generate new IP address […]


Using Concatenate function in excel without impacting custom format

Suppose you have date time text in one column (format as YYYY-MM-DD) which you want to use in your concatenate function without changing custom format, because if you don’t do it then in concatenate function it will come in some numerical form for e.g. 40513 instead of 2010-12-01. It happens because excel ignores formatting.   Use below to fix it, Say column name is A1 where date value resides and you want to sue it […]


Delete Blank rows from long list in excel

To quickly remove unwanted blank rows from long list in excel, do following, Select column having blank rows Press the F5 key on your keyboard (or select Edit, Goto). Click the Special… button. Click the Blanks option and click OK. This will select all blank cells in the range you had previously selected. Now right click and choose delete or choose Edit, Delete, select the Entire Row option and click OK.   Useful references: […]


How to: create Filter on Undelivered Emails in MS Outlook

If you are frustrated with others not keeping their mailbox clean and you are landing up with 10’s to 100’s of undelivered mail notifications landing up directly to your inbox, then don’t worry this post may be useful for you to some extent 🙂 Note: this is not a tool tip, but usage of a very well-known feature of outlook i.e. Rules Here is a short, simple and clean method to create a filter i.e. […]


How to: Check full source of email sender in Outlook 2010

You might be wondering that in Microsoft Outlook 2010 where we can find the source of message sender, please find the simple tip below to understand how this can be done. Note: For those who are wondering what is source, it is a way to identify the ip address of sender and this is one way the junk/spam mails are detected, you can read more about it on internet. 1. Within Outlook 2010, open an […]


Configure SQL Mail on SQL Server 2000 with Outlook 2007 client

Scenario is, we have SQL 2000 as database engine and outlook 2007 as mail client, now as we know SQL 2000 requires MAPI client for SQL mail configuration and from records we need minimum Outlook 2000 client, in this case we have outlook 2007 client present. I was skeptical initially that whether SQL mail will at all work with outlook 2007 or not, by going through several articles and forums, I found it to be […]


How to insert a simple (Tick) Checkbox into office 2007?

Today I was struggling to insert a checkbox in Excel 2007, found a good tip as below, This can be done via Developer ribbon bar. If you do not see Developer as one of the tab options along the top (in the ribbon bar), do the following: 1. Click the Office logo in the top left corner 2. Down below besides Exit Excel you will find ‘Excel Options’, click it 3. In the ‘Popular’ window, […]

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