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Windows Task Scheduler Error – transaction support within the specified resource manager is not started

While deleting a task in task manager, received following error reported by my team,   Error: “transaction support within the specified resource manager is not started or was shutdown due to an error”     We tried multiple options to modify job and delete but nothing worked, On further google search found that issue is similar to found on following forum,   Executed following command on server, fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\   […]


How to: Run NETSH trace for Network monitoring/timeout captures

While trying to troubleshoot the mirroring timeout issues which was in milliseconds, came across recommendation by a MS engineer to enable NetSH, below are instructions on how to enable it and capture logs, the logs can be supplied to Network vendor for further analysis.   Run following command to enable Netsh   Netsh trace start capture=yes scenario=netconnection maxsize=2000 filemode=circular overwrite=yes report=no persistent=yes tracefile=c:\%computername%.etl   Note: Please make sure you place this on a drive which […]


Fix: Issue with Remote Desktop screen resolution while working from a high resolution system

Came across a unique issue on a friend’s laptop where he has high resolution screen but when trying to remote desktop any server then the remote server also inheriting the same resolution and text looks very small, MSTSC settings, desktop resolution settings, etc. everything is tried what possible but it didn’t fixed the issue. To resolve this, he found following solution to fix. Note: I am writing this post to keep a record of this […]


List of Free Database and PowerShell Tools

This Article covers the list of Free database and PowerShell tools I come across time to time, this list will keep growing as I discover them, leave comments if you like any one tool better than other.   SQL Server   Database Health – dashboard overview for quick database health checks ( Idera Free tools for SQL server:, below are some of best which I like, they are not totally free but works for […]


Basic MySQL commands

While working on a simple data import from MySQL to MSSSQL, have to install MySQL as there is no workaround to import MySQL dump directly to SQL server, below are few commands used,   Note: There is no way you can EASILY import MySQL dump in .sql format directly to any other data source like MSSQL or Access DB, better to have MySQL installed locally and import MySQL dump there and then link it to […]


Outlook360: Lost emails older than 6 months after moving between folders

Faced unique issue when updating my outlook desktop client (Outlook 2013) linked to outlook360 account, issue and fix is as below,   Issue: I created a new temp folder in my inbox and moved all my items including the items older than 6 months from inbox to temp, after 1 day again move them back to inbox, the number of emails remained same. I had to move again for some work but when I moved […]


SQL Server TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) alternatives

TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is an inbuilt encryption feature of SQL Server Enterprise Edition introduced by Microsoft from SQL server 2008 onwards, this comes in handy when someone has to secure the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from prying eyes, as it is Enterprise Edition feature only hence comes with a premium price. So while I got a request to analyze implementation of it on more than 200+ SQL standard edition then first thing which has […]


Tools for Analyzing SQL Server trace files

After validating multiple options to analyze SQL server trace files, I found below tools which can help achieve required results, hope it helps someone looking for quick list. There may be multiple other tools available, below are few tested ones from my list.   For basic analysis – Microsoft In-built tool: SQL Server profiler Usage: Login to any server with SQL Server installed, open SSMS and go to Tools > select “SQL Server Profiler” > […]


Generate SQL Server Database Diagrams – tools tips

Came across a requirement where I need to generate database component chart and their relationships, though database diagram tool is available but it has some risks associated, hence just in order to generate component chart, third party tools are also available and can server purpose, below is just collection of such tools and related links for use of needy ones,     Using inbuilt Database Diagram Tool: Just right Click on Database Diagrams and create […]


Transaction rollback in progress. Estimated rollback completion: 0%. Estimated time remaining: 0 seconds

While dealing with a rollback/kill process (in SQL Server 2005 SP4 + CU3 environment) which is stuck for more than 10 days, it was a VERITAS NetBackup (DB tape backup) process,     On checking the DMV’s dm_exec_requests and dm_exec_sessions using below query, SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED SELECT db_id(DB_NAME(er.[database_id])) [DBID] ,er.[session_id] AS [SessionID] ,er.[command] AS [CommandType] ,est.[text] [StatementText] ,er.[status] AS [Status] ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(5, 2), er.[percent_complete]) AS [Complete_Percent] ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(38, 2), er.[total_elapsed_time] / 60000.00) AS [ElapsedTime_m] […]


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