Command Line utility “sc” to manage windows services

If you have been working with Windows then you are aware of command line utility which can be run by going to RUN > type “cmd” and a black window open’s up, now you can do several activities using command lines, let’s take example of managing services. Microsoft provided a GUI for same as well which will open-up by typing “services.msc” in RUN window. Managing services using command line is simple and efficient as you can automate several tasks by saving commands in batch file and executing via scheduled jobs, like starting and stopping specific services for e.g. –net start telnet or –net stop telnet which will start or stop telnet service respectively.


Now, if you need to manage services of remote computer then there is a need of more powerful command line utility and Microsoft provides one such utility called sc, this utility can manage services on other computers and can list information about installed services. To manage services with sc, you should be aware of “Service Key Names”, which usually not the name displayed in Service Management Window, to get service key name you need to get list of installed services using sc utility as by executing query i.e. sc query


Please find some examples using sc,


Command to print list of all services: sc query

Print list of services installed on another computer: sc \otherhostname query

Restart telnet service on another host: sc \otherhostname telnet stop sc \otherhostname start

Query to get list if SC syntaxes: sc ?


Some more details about managing services,



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