How do I check SQL replication status via T-SQL?

While searching for t-sql script which can check replication agent status came across a good script which works well for all versions of SQL Server i.e. 2000/2005/2008/2008R2 and above…Article:

This article rediredted to a MS link which tells the useful SP’s for writing query and a user in comments posted a v. useful query which really served the purpose.

Code is written by user – Denaem and I dont take any credits for query, but for the blog readers, here is the query,

SELECT (CASE WHEN mdh.runstatus = '1' THEN 'Start - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) WHEN mdh.runstatus = '2' THEN 'Succeed - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) WHEN mdh.runstatus = '3' THEN 'InProgress - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) WHEN mdh.runstatus = '4' THEN 'Idle - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) WHEN mdh.runstatus = '5' THEN 'Retry - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) WHEN mdh.runstatus = '6' THEN 'Fail - '+cast(mdh.runstatus as varchar) ELSE CAST(mdh.runstatus AS VARCHAR) END) [Run Status], mda.subscriber_db [Subscriber DB], mda.publication [PUB Name], right(left(,LEN(, LEN(left(,LEN( when mda.publisher_db='ALL' then 1 else LEN(mda.publication)+2 end))) [SUBSCRIBER], CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),mdh.[time]) [LastSynchronized], und.UndelivCmdsInDistDB [UndistCom], mdh.comments [Comments], 'select * from distribution.dbo.msrepl_errors (nolock) where id = ' + CAST(mdh.error_id AS VARCHAR(8)) [Query More Info], mdh.xact_seqno [SEQ_NO], (CASE WHEN mda.subscription_type = '0' THEN 'Push' WHEN mda.subscription_type = '1' THEN 'Pull' WHEN mda.subscription_type = '2' THEN 'Anonymous' ELSE CAST(mda.subscription_type AS VARCHAR) END) [SUB Type], mda.publisher_db+' - '+CAST(mda.publisher_database_id as varchar) [Publisher DB], [Pub - DB - Publication - SUB - AgentID] FROM distribution.dbo.MSdistribution_agents mda LEFT JOIN distribution.dbo.MSdistribution_history mdh ON mdh.agent_id = JOIN (SELECT s.agent_id, MaxAgentValue.[time], SUM(CASE WHEN xact_seqno > MaxAgentValue.maxseq THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS UndelivCmdsInDistDB FROM distribution.dbo.MSrepl_commands t (NOLOCK) JOIN distribution.dbo.MSsubscriptions AS s (NOLOCK) ON (t.article_id = s.article_id AND t.publisher_database_id=s.publisher_database_id ) JOIN (SELECT hist.agent_id, MAX(hist.[time]) AS [time], h.maxseq FROM distribution.dbo.MSdistribution_history hist (NOLOCK) JOIN (SELECT agent_id,ISNULL(MAX(xact_seqno),0x0) AS maxseq FROM distribution.dbo.MSdistribution_history (NOLOCK) GROUP BY agent_id) AS h ON (hist.agent_id=h.agent_id AND h.maxseq=hist.xact_seqno) GROUP BY hist.agent_id, h.maxseq ) AS MaxAgentValue ON MaxAgentValue.agent_id = s.agent_id GROUP BY s.agent_id, MaxAgentValue.[time] ) und ON = und.agent_id AND und.[time] = mdh.[time] where mda.subscriber_db<>'virtual' -- created when your publication has the immediate_sync property set to true. This property dictates whether snapshot is available all the time for new subscriptions to be initialized. This affects the cleanup behavior of transactional replication. If this property is set to true, the transactions will be retained for max retention period instead of it getting cleaned up as soon as all the subscriptions got the change. --and mdh.runstatus='6' --Fail --and mdh.runstatus<>'2' --Succeed order by mdh.[time]

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