How: Take SQL Server Full Memory Dump from within SQL Server and via Automated way

Sometimes there is need to take full dump for various kind of SQL Server issues and most of the time a DBA don’t know when issue going to occur hence becomes difficult to capture the dump, now to do same we need to have a standard approach, this post is compiled to work as procedure to take required dump file or automate it via trigger to ensure dump is taken even when no one is around,


From inside SQL Server, you can create a dump using two different methods…


First, to create a manual dump immediately, use the following undocumented command:

This will create a memory dump in the LOG directory of your SQL Server instance installation.  To enable this method to create a FULL DUMP, you must turn on trace flags 2544 and 2546:


To create only a mini dump, enable trace flag 2546.  To create a full-filtered dump, use trace flag 2551.


You can use the undocumented DBCC DUMPTRIGGER command to enable SQL Server to create a dump on the occurrence of an error. For example, you can use following to enable a full dump on error 802 (There is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool):



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