How to: Run NETSH trace for Network monitoring/timeout captures

While trying to troubleshoot the mirroring timeout issues which was in milliseconds, came across recommendation by a MS engineer to enable NetSH, below are instructions on how to enable it and capture logs, the logs can be supplied to Network vendor for further analysis.


  1. Run following command to enable Netsh


    Netsh trace start capture=yes scenario=netconnection maxsize=2000 filemode=circular overwrite=yes report=no persistent=yes tracefile=c:\%computername%.etl


    Note: Please make sure you place this on a drive which has 2GB free space, we are over writing the file once it reaches 2GB. 2GB space can be optimized to whatever size needed, with 500 for 500MB


  2. Stop this trace only when timeout is noticed or in case of any other network trace requirement


    Netsh trace stop


  3. To automate stopping trace, go to event viewer and find the event which is logged when the server mirroring times out. Right Click on that event and choose “Attach a Task to this Event”


  • In that task, run the following command “Netsh trace stop“, configure to run this only once when the above event occurs as this event may be triggered multiple times depending upon the number of times it is occurring



Use Microsoft Message Analyzer to convert the trace from .etl to .pcap or any other acceptable format,

DL link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=44226



Download PDF

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