Installing tdp v5.5.1 on SQL Server 2000

Today after installing TDP for SQL server v5.5.1 on one server, we found TDP GUI is not opening up, also there are no clear instructions for SQL server 2000, after initial troubleshooting we figured out additional configuring that needs to be done for configuring TDP on SQL server 2000,


After installing TDP, TDP GUI will not open and if you execute batch script for backups then you will receive following error,

It reflects that additional components are required to run TDP.

We first installed dot net version,

Installed dotnetfx.exe –v2.0.50727 to resolve issue

But after installing, when executed backup script received SMO error as,

ACO5057I The .\Batch\logs\tdpsql_xxxxxxx_alldbs_SYSTEM.txt log file was pruned successfully.

Connecting to SQL Server, please wait…

ACO5422E Received the following from the MS SQL server:
Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Backup SYSTEM ok.
Procedure BackupDBs called ok

So to fix these installed following three components in following order,

· msxml6.msi
· SQLServer2005_XMO.msi


After installation, backups started running fine,

Starting SQL database backup…

Connecting to TSM Server as node ‘xxxxxxxxx_SQL’…
ACO5458W The TSM Server ‘backup delete’ setting for node (xxxxxxx_SQL) is set to NO.It should be set to YES for proper operation. Processing will continue.

Beginning full backup for database master, 1 of 3.
Full: 0Read: 17460480Written: 17460480Rate: 12,519.27 Kb/Sec
Full: 0Read: 17460480Written: 17460480Rate: 11,254.95 Kb/Sec

Backup of master completed successfully.

Beginning full backup for database model, 2 of 3.
Full: 0Read: 1517824Written: 1517824Rate: 1,447.51 Kb/Sec
Full: 0Read: 1517824Written: 1517824Rate: 1,317.56 Kb/Sec

Backup of model completed successfully.

Beginning full backup for database msdb, 3 of 3.
Full: 0Read: 18048256Written: 18048256Rate: 17,313.61 Kb/Sec
Full: 0Read: 18048256Written: 18048256Rate: 15,064.32 Kb/Sec

Backup of msdb completed successfully.

Total SQL backups selected:3
Total SQL backups attempted:3
Total SQL backups completed:3
Total SQL backups excluded:0
Total SQL backups inactivated:0

Throughput rate:9,468.12 Kb/Sec


Note: Even after installing additional components, you may see below error when you open TDPGUI,

To fix it, follow this link.


So we now know the additional requirement when installing TDP on SQL server 2000.

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