Issue with Copy Paste in Windows – ctrl^C and ctrl^V not working

If you are working with remote computer and see that ctrl^C and ctrl^V (i.e. copy paste) is not working then culprit can be clipboard or remoteclip or ASC, please find below solution to fix these issues,

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows

How to Clear Clipboard on Windows XP:

  1. Click the “Start” button and enter “Clipbrd” into the “Run” field. A record of recent clipboard content will appear.
  2. Select “Edit” from the top of the window and then select “Delete.”
  3. Confirm your wish to delete the content of the clipboard by clicking “Yes.” Wait while the clipboard content erases.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows Vista/7:

  1. Right-click on the desktop, select “New” and then “Shortcut.”
  2. In the empty field designating the location of the shortcut, type the following (with the quotation marks):

    cmd /c “echo off | clip”

  3. Click “Next.”
  4. Enter a name for the shortcut to identify it on your desktop and click “Finish.”
  5. Right-click the shortcut and select “Properties.”
  6. Change “Run” to “Minimized” and then click “Change Icon.”
  7. Open the “shell32.dll” file to select an icon for your new shortcut. Click “OK.”
  8. Double-click this shortcut icon on your desktop any time you wish to clear your clipboard.


How to fix rdpclip issue

It usually occurs during Remote desktop sessions, and the problem is on the remote machine. The best solution is to pull up task manager, end the process rdpclip.exe, and then restart it by first changing focus from task manager to another program and back to task manager,

Choose file>new task (run) and then typing in rdpclip.exe and hit enter.


The remote clip service will restart, and usually the copy you wanted to paste immediately becomes available.


If you fail to change focus from Task Manager to another program and back you may find the remote session locks up. If so, don’t panic, simply end the remote session and begin a new one.


In case you don’t know how to access task manager on the remote machine (CTRL ALT DELETE is always to the local machine), simply right click on the task bar and choose it from the context menu.


How to fix issue because of ASC (Advanced System Care)

Does your computer have Advanced System Care? If it does, check the settings in the “SmartRAM” feature. If the “Clean Clipboard” setting is checked, uncheck it right away. Checking the “Clean Clipboard” feature in ASC’s “Smart RAM’ disables the Paste (CTRL V) feature.


MOST if not ALL memory management software will clear the clipboard queue every time it engages..Check that you do not have any kind of memory management or RAM MANAGER type of software loaded in your system.

If Advanced System Care 5 from IOBIT software is present, then it speeds everything up and clears out all the Microsoft stuff running at boot. But you have to go into its config to tell it to ignore the clipboard cache when it does its memory management tasks. Otherwise it kills copy/paste functionality totally.



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