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Auditin and SQL Profiler

Auditing Tables

Table Auditing with SQL Server 2000
When was a SQL Server table or view last altered_sql 2005

Auditing SQL Server Activity

SQL Server 2000 Auditing

Backup and Restore


Top 10 SQL Server backup and recovery tips

[SQL] Scripting backup and restore all databases on a server (Part 1 – Simple Case) – Jon Galloway

Best Practices

10 Steps to Help Secure SQL Server 2000

Help, my database is corrupt. Now what – SQLServerCentral

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Index Defragmentation Best Practices
Overview of the SQL Server Security Model and Security Best Practices
SQL Server Best Practices Article
SQL Server security model and security best practices, tips Narayana Vyas Kondreddi’s home page
Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005




Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Index Defragmentation Best Practices

Corporate VBA Standards For Excel Users Who ProgramExcel with Stored Procedures – SQLServerCentralHow to import data from Microsoft SQL Server into Microsoft ExcelKnowledge Base-VBA-General – The ThalesiansSQL query to SQL server – return result to a variable i Excel VBA keyongtechSQL Server connection strings via VBA in excelTutorialsweird character in cell using vbCrLf – MrExcel Message Board

Indexes and Fragmentation in SQL Server 2000 Part 1 – SQLServerCentralMicrosoft SQL Server 2000 Index Defragmentation Best PracticesMS SQL Server Database DefragSolving SQL Server 2000 index fragmentationTips for Rebuilding Indexes

Limitations of the Missing Indexes FeatureSQL Server – Find missing and unused indexesUsing SQL Server DMVs to Identify Missing Indexes

Rebuild Only the Indexes that Need HelpRebuilding an Index on a Heap TableTips for Rebuilding Indexes

Obtaining Index Usage Information

Installation and Upgrading

Rebuild System database

Backing Up & Recovering System Databases – SQLServerPedia

can’t access SQLServer in single user modeHow to Restore the master Database (Transact-SQL)needing to restore msdb to another server to save dts and jobsRebuilding SQL Server Cluster Nodes — DatabaseJournal.comRebuilding the SQL Server master database – Part 1Rebuilding the SQL Server master database – Part 2Rebuilding the SQL Server master database – Part 3Recover the master database in SQL ServerSQL Server 2000 Restore Master DatabaseSQL Server 2005 rebuilding the master databaseSQL SERVER – Start SQL Server Instance in Single User Mode « Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal DaveSQLRUN_SQL.MSI is not valid for Service pack 1 SQL 2005 command line REINSTALLYou cannot rebuild system databases if you run the Setup command from a location that is not the original installation locationYou cannot restore system database backups to a different build of SQL Server

Frequently asked questions – SQL Server 2000 – SetupHow to Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server

SQL Server Migration

2000 to 2005


How to transfer logins and passwords between instances of SQL Server

2005 to 2008


How to transfer the logins and the passwords between instances of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008

SQL Server Forums – SQL2008 Migration Hints and Tips SQL 2008


Service Packs

On Veritas Cluster_SP3 upgrade


SQL 2000 SP4

A list of the bugs that are fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4

SQL 2005 SP3

SQL 2005 Service Pack server upgrade order with log shipping
SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 won’t install. – Server Fault

SQL Server 2005 SP3 accidentally applied patches on SQL Ser 2005 – Roll back production process

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compare Features

Upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 – SQLServerPedia

Upgrading from SQL Server 2005 to 2008 – SQLServerPedia

How to Install SQL Server 2005 from the Command PromptHow to Install SQL Server 2008 R2 from the Command Prompt

Error message when you install SQL Server 2005 There was an unexpected failure during the setup wizardHOW TO Install SQL Server 2000 – Basic Local InstallationInstalling Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Appendix D Installing RDBMS Software Part VII Appendix SQL Bible Oracle SQLInstalling SQL Server Database Tips, tricks and trapsSetting Up SQL 2005 Deployments – Migrating from SQL 2000 » Lab49 BlogSQL Server 2000 to 2005 upgrade checklistUpgrading a Database SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 – SQLServerCentralUpgrading to SQL Server 2005

Memory ArchitectureSQL server 2005 AWE

How to set up SQL Server to listen on multiple static TCP portsStatic Port Assignments in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server General Replication FAQs – Paul Ibison

BACKUPDBCC CHECKDB (Transact-SQL)DBCC INDEXDEFRAGExtended Properties in SQL Server 2000Fill FactorHardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2005How to change the SQL Server or SQL Server Agent service account without using SQL Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2000 or SQLHow to determine the version and edition of SQL Server and its componentsHow to Read a SQL Server 2005 Setup Log FileHow to use the DBCC MEMORYSTATUS command to monitor memory usage on SQL Server 2005Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 Compare FeaturesMicrosoft Support LifecycleMuthusamy Anantha Kumar aka The MAK — DatabaseJournal.comNew Index Locking Granularity in SQL Server 2005 Gives You More Options – SQL Server PerformanceOverview of the SQL Server Browser servicePhysical Database Storage DesignRestore a SQL Server 2008 Database into SQL Server 2005Securing Data and Log FilesSetting Up Windows Service AccountsSQL Server 2000 Survival GuideSQL Server 2005 – Setup and Deployment — DatabaseJournal.comSQL Server 7.0 and 2000 Trace FlagsSQL Server Browser ServiceSQL Server Collation FundamentalsSQL Server Extract Table Meta-Data (description, fields and their data types) – Stack OverflowsysindexesTip Connecting To A Database Using Windows Authentication With Different Credentials Using SQL Server Management Studio – PaulUnderstanding Log ShippingWorking with tempdb in SQL Server 2005xp_cmdshell

Monitoring and Automation


SQL Server Tracing An Automated and Centralized Solution


Backup databases stored procedure – new version


How to monitor blocking in SQL Server 2005 and in SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2005 Performance Statistics Script – CSS SQL Server Engineers – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Central Monitoring

The Budding DBA SQL Server A DBAs Duties Centralized Database Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring tool using SSIS

Consolidating SQL Server Error Logs from Multiple Instances Using SSIS


DB backup info

Stored procedure Determine last database backup

Db Disk Space usage

Capacity Planning for SQL Server 2000 Database Storage

Check SQL Server database and log file size with this stored procedure

Gathering Space Usage Statistics —

Disk Space

Disk Space Monitor with Email

Monitor Disk Space on Multiple SQL Servers —

Powershell Script to Monitor Disk Space – The Multifunctioning DBA

Run Powershell script in schedule task background – – Windows PowerShell Discussion Forums – Using PoweRunning Windows PowerShell Scripts

How do I get the correct date-time from the msdb.sysjob tablesMS SQLT-SQL statement to return SQL Job Last Run Date

Log Growing Pains – SQLServerCentralMonitoring SQL Server database transaction log spaceTransaction Log Backups Based on Log Usage Threshold —

Sans SQL Different ways to find the SQL Server Port Number

Happy SysAdm Powershell script to check scheduled tasks status

SQL 2008 Central Management server

Central Management Server – SQLServerPedia

Configure a SQL Server Standalone Performance Monitoring Instance Blog Home for MSSQLDUDEHow to Create a Central Management Server and Server Group (SQL Server Management Studio)SQL Server Central Management System

SQL Server Inventory

Let PowerShell do an Inventory of your Servers

SQL Server Status

Check your SQL Server using Windows PowerShell – Part 1 —

Unused table and databases

Windows Event logs

Win2003 only – How to Automatically Monitor Windows Event Log from SQL Server

Centralized SQL Server 2000 Monitoring

CodeProject SQL Server 2000 Collation Changer. Free source code and programming help

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 2.0 is available

SQL Server Measuring Space Allocation and Index Distribution —

Understanding and Using PowerShell Support in SQL Server 2008

Notification Services

Creating a Notification Services Instance


ASp to Oracle connection

How To Troubleshoot an ASP-to-Oracle Connectivity Problem

Oracle Tutorials – Connect ASP Pages to Oracle Servers

Performance Tuning


Find Missing Indexes – SQLServerPedia

SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips

SQL Server Tutorials – SQLServerPedia


Add_removed user from grp

Adding domain user to local administrator group

http– PowerShell script to add-remove a domain user to the Local Administrators group on a remote machine

Discover SQL server ports

Discover SQL Server TCP Port —


powershell How to retrieve disk size & free disk space for a list of computers (input file) « Bart’s Weblog

Enable Disable SQL Features using PS

How to Enable or Disable a Server Network Protocol (SQL Server PowerShell)

Find members of AD group

active directory – Windows AD Group – Command line to list users – Server Fault

Active Directory Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

dsquery-dsget output question – Ars Technica OpenForum


Background jobs Richard Siddaway’s Blog


howto Uninstall Powershell 1.0 « The GLog (Geek bLOG)

Windows Management Framework Core is already installed on your system Guy Ellis Rocks

10 cool things you can do with Windows PowerShell TechRepublic

Basic Windows PowerShell 1.0 Operators – Techotopia

Chapter 1. The Windows PowerShell Interactive Shell

Getting Started With Windows PowerShell

How to login to UNIX database in Powershell

Introduction To Power Shell

PowerShell CookbookPowerShell pitfalls reading text from file using get-content – Serge van den Oever [Macaw]reading a big file line by line to be out of memory safe in PowershellRun Powershell script in schedule task background – – Windows PowerShell Discussion Forums – Using PoweRunning Windows PowerShell ScriptsScripting with Windows PowerShellSteveX Compiled » PowerShell CheatsheetThe Way I See It Automatically Email PowerShell session transcriptThe Windows PowerShell 1.0 switch Statement – TechotopiaUnderstanding and Using PowerShell Support in SQL Server 2008Windows PowerShell – Useful Built-in cmdletsWindows PowerShell Cmdlet Help TopicsWindows PowerShell Script Repository – Wiki

How to Reinitialize a Subscription (SQL Server Management Studio)http– Identity Columnsreplication periodic initial snapshot not yet availableUpdatable Subscriptions for Transactional Replication

InformIT Setting Up Transactional Replication with SQL Server Creating a Pull SubscriptionSQL Server Replication Tips


Microsoft SQL Server Administration FAQ for DBAs and solutions to common problems (7.0-2000) Narayana Vyas Kondreddi’s home » Research

Batch that can merge two txt filesCreate a date and time stamp in your batch filesFor -f – Loop through textQuotes, Escape Chars, DelimitersRename file with datetime appended to filenam [Solved]windows – how to get batch file parameters from Nth position on – Stack Overflow

Date Manipulation with DATEADD-DATEDIFF – SQLServerCentralDeterming SQL Server Table SizeDrop All Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures in a database Via TsqlFaking arrays in T-SQLSimple script to backup all SQL Server databasesSQL Script to Update Usage for all databases SQL Server Training & ConsultingSQL Server Forums – FK Constraint problemSQL-Server Blog of Ritesh Shah –Fight the fear of SQL with Auditing Trail with Trigger in SQL Server 2005SQL-Server Blog of Ritesh Shah –Fight the fear of SQL with OUTPUT Clause in SQL Server 2008-2005SQL-Server Blog of Ritesh Shah –Fight the fear of SQL with QUOTENAME function and dynamic T-SQL in Microsoft SQL S » Delete files older than certain number of daysScript to delete files after x days –

Find size of SQL Server tables and other objects with stored procedureScripts which make you Database Hero « SQLDBPOOL.COMSQL Server Forums – Get Server Database File InformationSQLServerCentral – Guest Columnist Chad MillerSQLServerCentral Scripts

SQL Blogs I follow

Allen White

DBA RantMidnightDBA Admin

SQL Clustering


SQL Server Clustering Active vs Passive

SQL Server Top Tips for SQL Server Clustering

How to Upgrade a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (Setup)The Microsoft SQL Server support policy for Microsoft Clustering

Editing SQLCMD Scripts in the Transact-SQL EditorSQL Server 2005 Command Line Tool “SQLCMD” – Part I — DatabaseJournal.comSQL Server 2005 Command Line Tool “SQLCMD” – Part II — DatabaseJournal.comSQLCMD – Everything you need to know about SQLCMD utilitysqlcmd UtilityUsing SQLCMD to Execute Multiple SQL Server ScriptsUsing the sqlcmd Utility

Get Error Description in SQL Server 2000 – SQLServerCentralInformIT SQL Server Reference Guide Error Logs and Event Logginglocation for the error log in MS SQL Server 2000Reading the SQL Server log files using T-SQL – MSSQLTipsReading the SQL Server log files using T-SQLSimple way to find errors in SQL Server error logThe undocumented nature of sp_readerrorlog in SQL Server 2000 Narayana Vyas Kondreddi’s homepageView Error Logs

SQL Server Performance Statistics Using a Server Side Trace

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Pricing and Licensing FAQMicrosoft SQL Server Licensing For Dummies.. – Pearl Knows – SQLServerCentral.comSQL Server support in a hyper-threaded environmentTracking License Information in SQL 2005 – Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog – Site Home – MSDN BlogsUnderstanding SQL Server Licensing –

SQL Server 2008 Support LifecycleSQL Server Support Lifecycle

How to configure SQL Mail to use an Internet mail server by using Outlook 2003How to send e-mail without using SQL Mail in SQL ServerINF Common SQL Mail ProblemsINF How to Configure SQL MailSQL MAIL and SQL Agent Mail using POP3 and SMTP —

DTS Package OwnershipPackage Ownership Issues

Error SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer components are required to edit DTS packages. (Microsoft.SqlServer.DtsObjectExplorerUI) – SHow to create a package template in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development StudioImporting Excel data with SQL Server Integration Services SSIS with unicode and non-unicode data issues – PF

INF How to Run a DTS Package as a Scheduled JobManaging DTS packages – Editing, Scheduling, and Viewing Package Logs – SQLServerCentral

Tivoli Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server Installation and User’s Guide

SQL Server 2000 Operations Guide Capacity and Storage Management


ClearTrace – Read80Trace for SQL Server 2005 – ScaleSQL Consulting


MS Cluster and MSSQL cluster backups – SUMMARY – Backup Central


SQL Server and MOM 2005 —

SQL Server and MOM Part II —

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool

SQLmaintenance utilities

Automating Database maintenance in SQL 2005 Express Edition Part II

TDP for SQL Server

IBM ACO5422E SMO error when connecting to SQL – United Kingdom

SQL Server Blocked Process Monitor



Backing up to a NTFS compressed folder Clay Lenhart’s Blog

Vidhya Sagar – Blog » SQL Backup on NTFS Compressed folder

Cannot generate SSPI context



Full text search failure


re Fulltext failure on a 2 node cluster

Named instance tcp ip issue


A SQL Server cluster resource goes to a failed state when you try to bring the resource online in SQL Server

Problems with SQL Versions on FailOver Cluster

SQL 2005 Clustering Issues – resources entry missing from registry

Collation conflicts

Compare SQL Server Databases with sp_CompareDB

SQL Server 2005 Collation Conflict Error when selecting Database Properties – Microsoft SQL Server answers

SQL Server collation conflict fixes

CPU High due to SQL Server

Benjamin Nevarez Getting CPU Utilization Data from SQL Server

How To Get SQL Server CPU Utilization From a Query

Top Queries in SQL Server 2005 —

Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005


Finding and troubleshooting SQL Server deadlocks

How to enable SQL deadlock trace using a start-up stored procedure – SJ’s Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Reducing SQL Server Deadlocks

Tracing Deadlocks – SQLServerCentral

Transaction (Process ID 59) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. R

DTS Package


Import-Export Issues

0xC0010014 (Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSRuntimeWrap)



Failed SQL Server Agent Jobs – 2000 and 2005

Running agent jobs from command line – dBforums

Server Maintenance Plan Failed on SQL 2005 SP2

sp_start_jobSQL Server Agent Job OwnershipThe Job whose owner kept coming back…… – Andrew Calvett

Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connSQL Protocols SQL Linked Server Query failed with “Login failed for user …”

Event ID 10016 — DCOM –NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE – Small Business Server

How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP-IP Sockets SQL Server Performance Forums

Script to find all objects owned by a user (loginname)SQL Server 2005 Login Properties to Enforce Password Policies and Password ExpirationSQL Server password policies and credentialsSQL-Articles » Troubleshooting Login failed Error 18456

database showing restoring satage in log shippingIn Recovery… Why could restoring a log-shipping log backup be slowLog Shipping errorsRestore With Standby – SQLServerPediaRestoring a Damaged Page Online – Windows LiveUnderstanding Log Shipping

page level locking

http– SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 issue Cleanup tasks run at different intervals than intendedpage level locking causing maintenance plans in sql 2008 to failResultSet property not set correctly

How to reduce paging of buffer pool memory in the 64-bit version of SQL Serverhttp– Memory OptionsSQL and the Working Set – Ask the Performance Team – Site Home – TechNet BlogsSQL Server and the “Lock pages in memory” Right in Windows Server Glenn Berry’s SQL Server PerformanceThe SQL Server Working Set Message – CSS SQL Server Engineers – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

How to use the DBCC MEMORYSTATUS command to monitor memory usage on SQL Server 2005INF Using DBCC MEMORYSTATUS to Monitor SQL Server Memory Usagememory leak in SQL ServerYou experience slow performance when you back up the database in SQL Server 2000

High PF Usage on SQL Server – Stack Overflow



OLEDB error

Error message when you execute a linked server query in SQL Server Timeout Expired

Why do I get 80040E31 errors

Open transactions

INF Understanding and resolving SQL Server blocking problems

Performance Problems

844 or 845 error

Description of common causes of SQL Server error message 844 or error message 845

Latches – Buffer Latch Timeout Errors – SQLServerPedia


Description of the waittype and lastwaittype columns in the master.dbo.sysprocesses table in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 200

How to monitor blocking in SQL Server 2005 and in SQL Server 2000

INF Understanding and resolving SQL Server blocking problems

Reducing SQL Server Locks

CPU 100% sql 2005

High CPU usage caused by SQL Server

SQL Server Optimizing SQL Server CPU Performance

SQLFundas!!!! Troubleshoot High CPU Performance issue in SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server SQL 2000 server takes 100% CPU Usage – database.itags.orgSQL Server consumes 100% CPU!!! – dBforumsSQL Server Forums – Troubleshooting CPU utilization

SQL Server Perfmon Counters Tutorial Brent Ozar – Too Much InformationTips for Using Performance Monitor CPU CountersTroubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005

Restart or shut down remotely and document the reason Management ServicesWindows 2003 Server – Remote Shutdown command

Troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server How Replication setting Immediate_sync may cause Transactional Replication Distribution

Row size isse

How do I determine the row size of all tables in a particular DB


SolutionBase Using the Secedit tool to work with security templates

Service Pack – issues

fix SQL Server 2005 stops and then restarts unexpectedly, and errors occur in the tempdb database

sp_cursorfetch blocking

SQL Server Forums – debugging an open transaction.

SQL 2008 Datacollector cache issue

A Data Collector collection set may fail to upload if a cache file is corrupted

SQL Connection issues

fix Failover of a SQL Virtual Server Causes Problems with Active Directory Integration

How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections

How to troubleshoot the Cannot generate SSPI context error message

SQL server agent

How to troubleshoot problems that occur when you use a Database Maintenance plan in SQL Server


MS SQL agent not starting due to server name change

MS SQL Agent wrong alias issue fix

SQLAgent is not allowed to run

SQLCoffee – Huge SQLAGENT.out log fileSQLSERVERAGENT service on Local Computer started and then stopped

Enterprise Manager Databases folder shows No itemsFIX A database is marked suspect when you open the database in SQL Server 2000Help! My Database is Marked Suspect. – SQLServerCentralMissing device causes database to be marked suspectMS SQL Error 823 I-O Error – … Just one hard day in DBA life …Suspect SQL Server 2000 DatabaseWhile changing the SQL Server Service account some of the User DB gone suspect mode

Finding size of table in SQL Server 2005 – ExtremeExperts

Capacity Planning for tempdbDBCC FREESYSTEMCACHEHow to Performance Tune the Microsoft SQL Server tempdb DatabaseHow to shrink the tempdb database in SQL ServerOptimizing TempDB in SQL server 2005 SQL LionSQL Server Forums – TEMPDB ShrinkTemp Database Issues Resolution (Move Tempdb) « SQLServer2005 SeaTempdb Configuration Best Practices in SQL ServerTEMPDB not CheckPointingTroubleshooting Insufficient Disk Space in tempdbUnable to shrink tempdb in 2005What are the caches that DBCC FREESYSTEMCACHE freeswhy i can’t shrink tempdb data fileWhy is tempdb full, and how can I prevent this from happeningWorking with tempdb in SQL Server 2005Working with tempdb

A useful undocumented function fn_dblog « Systems Engineering and RDBMSINF Causes of SQL Transaction Log Filling UpSQL Server sys.databases log_reuse_wait question – Stack Overflow

Top queries in SQL server

SQL Server 2005 CPU 100%

Top Queries in SQL Server 2005 —

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