Overhead of using Policy-Based Management on SQL Server


Policy-Based Management is a very useful feature of SQL Server 2008 and later, if you like to audit certain parameters or enforce certain restriction on particular SQL Server/s, but first this to notice is will there be any overhead on current performance of SQL Server or not, basically the answer depends upon the way you are going to use it,


Q. What is the overhead of Policy-Based Management on my SQL Server?

A.  Unless the policy is currently being evaluated, there is no overhead on SQL Server. Two exceptions are there, “On Change: Prevent” and “On Change: Log Only” evaluation modes. These modes use DDL Triggers which execute to perform a check every time an object in the policy’s target set is alerted. This results in some overhead.


Ref. book: The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008 Exam 70-432 Prep Kit: Database Implementation and Maintenance (Pg. 298)


So the extract of what was said above is, if we enable the policies in preventive mode like someone should not go and modify any SQL parameter then only there will be an overhead for e.g. if someone trying to changing the recovery model of a database then the person will get denied error; and in case if policy is scheduled to run on predefined schedules or manually to audit certain settings then it is similar to fetch information from SQL Server which will not put much overhead and governed by the type of policy and parameters being audited.


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