SQL Server 2012 Licensing Changes

The upcoming SQL server will get a major overhaul in terms of licencing, a very good article from Mr. Denny on same is as below,

In short,

  • SQL Server is reducing the number of editions from 6 down to 4 (I’m excluding all the different appliances here).
  • Those editions will be Express, Standard, BI, and Enterprise Edition.
  • The express edition will still be a free edition with limited functionality.
  • BI is a new introduction in the SQL Server edition fleet
  • Standard edition will be available in both a Server+CAL license model or a CPU Core license model.
  • The BI Edition will include all the features of the Standard edition plus some extras.
  • The licensing for the BI edition will only be available in a Server+CAL model.
  • There is no CPU core license available for the BI Edition.
  • The Enterprise Edition is still around and is the big daddy of the SQL Server stack again as the Data Center Edition of the product is being removed. This means that the Enterprise Edition will hold all the new features that are being introduced. When it comes to licensing Enterprise Edition there is no longer a Server+CAL model available for new purchases. You will only be able to purchase CPU Core licenses.
  • The CPU Core licenses (available only for Standard and Enterprise edition) are sold in two core “packs”
  • These license packs will cost half of what a SQL Server 2008 R2 CPU license cost. The catch here is that you have to purchase at least 4 cores per CPU.
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