Tools for Analyzing SQL Server trace files

After validating multiple options to analyze SQL server trace files, I found below tools which can help achieve required results, hope it helps someone looking for quick list. There may be multiple other tools available, below are few tested ones from my list.


  1. For basic analysis – Microsoft In-built tool: SQL Server profiler

Usage: Login to any server with SQL Server installed, open SSMS and go to Tools > select “SQL Server Profiler” > Open the saved .trc files and analyze


  1. For Quick Analysis – Freeware tool: QURE ANALYZER – FREE SQL SERVER TRACE ANALYSIS TOOL

Usage: It is simple tool for quickly analyzing trace files, go to website, download the tool (you need to register for downloading), install it on desktop or your test machine, load trace files saved and run the analysis



Note: I have already a copy of this setup; can share if needed to avoid any registration requirement


  1. For detailed analysis – Open source tool: SQL Nexus

Usage: It provides an in-depth troubleshooting and analyzing power for trace collection and reporting (used by Microsoft as well), but require a bit of installation and database connection



  1. To quickly run and analyze, following tool can be used , good part is it doesn’t require installation and negative is, it can’t open existing trace, you need to collect trace through tool itself, can be tried for small scenarios.

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