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Looking for SQL Server 2000 to SQl Server 2005 migration, useful resources available at following link:

Comparing Enterprise Development Productivity: SQL Server 2005 versus SQL Server 2000
“This independent productivity study, conducted by 3 Leaf, compares two developers working independently to provide the same added features and functionality to a baseline application. One developer worked with SQL Server 2005, and the other used SQL Server 2000. Bycomparing the time required by each developer to perform equivalent development tasks, this study quantifies one instance of improved development efficiency in SQL Server 2005, relative to SQL Server 2000.”
Appendix: SQL Server Performance Test Results
“This appendix provides test results captured on the performance impact of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in relation to SQL Server 2005.”

Why Upgrade to SQL Server 2005?

SQL Server 2005 Failover clustering White Paper:

Features supported by Editions of SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Handbook

Top 10 TPC-C by Price/Performance (as of 2nd Nov 2006)

SQL Server 2005 Improves Scalability, Performance of Risk-Management Solution
NetEconomy delivers real-time enterprise software solutions to financial institutions for monitoring transactions with the goal of preventing, detecting, and managing money-related crimes, including money laundering, employee fraud, external fraud and market abuse. Its flagship product, the ERASE Financial Crime Suite, monitors financial transactions and alerts its users in the event of any unusual or abnormal transactions that might suggest improper or illegal activity. The NetEconomy solution has long incorporated Microsoft SQL ServerTMas its internal database, starting with SQL Server 6.5, through use most recently of SQL Server 2000. To capitalize on scalability and performance enhancements in SQL Server 2005, NetEconomy decided to incorporate it as its internal database. NetEconomy believes customers can expect significant performance and scalability improvements with the incorporation of SQL Server 2005 into its solution.

Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
Data and Trading Technology Firm Gains 20 Percent Performance with SQL Server 2005
Townsend Analytics, Ltd. (TAL) has brought innovation and efficiencies to electronic trading with its RealTick suite of applications for analyzing, tracking, and trading stocks, futures, options, foreign exchange, and fixed income instruments for North American and European markets. TAL requires ultimate speed and flexibility of its infrastructure to consistently exceed the needs of its diverse client base. To enhance performance, TAL recently upgraded its databases to the beta release of Microsoft SQL ServerTM2005. TAL saw an immediate 20 percent increase in performance compared to SQL Server 2000, and faster query performance from using thenew Table Partitioning feature. The 1 terabyte, single-instance SQL Server 2005 database supports 90 million equity quotes per day, with peak volumes reaching well over 60,000 quotes, or ticks, per second.

Turkeys Garanti Bank Reduces Mainframe Loads Using SQL Server 2005 Solution
Garanti Bank, one of the largest private banks in Turkey with assets of U.S.$21.7 billion, has earned numerous industry awards for its technological innovations, including being named Turkeys Best Internet Bankfor the past five years. To reduce processing loads on its mainframe, Garanti has steadily improved existing internal applications and designed its new applications to run on Microsoft SQL ServerTM2000 database software. In 2005, the bank became an early adopter and upgraded to the new SQL Server 2005, running on Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2003 Enterprise Edition. Bank management wanted to take advantage of a number of new features in the new system to, among other things, eliminate scheduled offline time for database re-indexing and to gain near real-time reporting. Garanti’s testing has shown SQL Server 2005 to be 270 percentfaster in transaction processing than SQL Server 2000.

London Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange Cuts Information Dissemination Time from 30 to 2 Milliseconds As part of its strategy to win more trading business and new customers, the London Stock Exchange needed a scalable, reliable, high-performance stock exchange ticker plant to replace its earlier system. Roughly 40 per cent of the Exchanges revenues are generated by the sale of real-time information about stock prices. Using the Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows Server 2003 and the Microsoft SQL ServerTM 2000 database, the new Infolectsystem has been built to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, availability, and business agility. Launched in September 2005, it is maintaining the London Stock Exchanges world-leading service reliability record while reducing latency by a factor of 15. Its successful implementation, with support from Microsoft and Accenture, shows the London Stock Exchanges leadership in developing next-generation trading systems.

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